Design your own 'Crossover' Collar for your dog

Design your own 'Crossover' Collar for your dog

DESIGN your own handmade, custom dog collar and lead set. How to let us know what colours to use:


Follow these steps:

 * go to our 'Colours' Page

 * choose 3 colours from our huge range

 * each colour has an individual number on the top left corner

 * for each colour in the pet accessory we need one number

For example:

Colour 1: 87

Colour 2: 21

Colour 3: 21

Colour 4: 10

Colour 5: 137

Colour 6: 181


Custom handmade dog collar

Our handmade dog collar design 'Double Elevated Crossed' is one of the strongest and most beautiful threading, are you wondering why?


We will tell you anyways (Because that's how nice we are):


Why our dog collars are so good

Because with tight knots and simple cross overs we can mix up to 3 different colors to give it the different, original and personalized twist you have always wanted for your fur friend (Because your dog gives you so much joy, that your puppy deserves something better than that boring, solid colored, dog collar, Right Karen?).


What it's made off - mildew resistant pet collar

Made with 3 individual cords threaded into each other, you can multiply the characteristics of the fabrics x 3:

- 100% nylon

- 4mm diameter

- Mildew resistant, will not rot

- Lightweight and extremely strong

- Breaking strain approx 250kgs (if you are not good at math, it means that it can hold up to 1500kg. You can even use it with horses, or just to hold your husband/wife/kids -or all together- down so they don't eat the last bit of cake)


What your mother in law will think about your custom dog collar

3 times stronger and more weather, chewing, mother in law and catastrophe resistant. These handmade dog collars will still be around once the world is over and the only things left are dust and our collars.


Is it difficult to choose in between closing systems or mechanisms? Then read about them to check which suits you better:

The Martingale closing system

The Martingale closing system is our favorite. The system encourages your dog not to pull on the lead. The Martingale closing system might help you to learn how to take your pup for a walk -instead of the other way around- (unless you have a chihuahua, those are untamable beasts).

If you decide for a more traditional closing mechanism, then you could just choose a buckle and D-rings or O-rings to double up the confidence of your dog not getting away from you to get to the old lady with the yummy treats, for instance.


As a result, all of our designs are washing machine resistant.

*Colors might wear upon time, like our jokes*

  • Return Policy

    We do not accept any returns due to giving us wrong information about the measuremnts of your pet.

    Because these collars and leads are made by hand for each order, there could me small miskates occasionally in the design. We do our best to rectify them during making of these collars but it can happen that we miss a mistake. We do not accept returns if ypou found a mistake in the design.